Gift Travel

Experiences Over Things

Why give the gift of travel over things?

It seems we all have a lot of stuff these days and that’s all it really is, stuff.  Stuff that fills our shelves and closets.  Stuff that needs to be dusted and cleaned.  Stuff that we look at once and then put away and forget about.  Many of us have so much stuff that we have to buy stuff to put our other stuff in.

Giving the gift of an experience doesn’t take up room in a closet, but it can fill a heart.  Experiences such as travel create a lifetime of memories that can never be discarded.  Travel is a gift that keeps on giving from the moment you tell the traveler and for years after.  Gifting travel can be a great opportunity to bond with your loved ones.  Imagine surprising your partner with a trip to paradise or telling your children they’re going to Disney World!  What about telling your best friend you’re taking them to Vegas?  Picture the look on your mom’s face when you say, “Hey Mom, we’re going to Paris!”.  These are just a few of the reasons why you should give the gift of an experiences over things.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

-Katie’s Travel Agency

Published by katiestravelagency

I live in West Fargo, ND with my husband, my son and our two cats. I am a Travel Agent and Owner of Katie's Travel Agency as well as a stay at home mom.

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